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The Complete Works of William Billings | All 4 Volumes

The Complete Works of William Billings | All 4 Volumes

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The Complete Works of William Billings is a carefully edited and finely produced four-volume set published by the American Musicological Society together with the Colonial Society of Massachusetts.

"The Billings edition is a remarkable national achievement, the first of its kind in this country, one in which the nation can take justified pride, and one which by virtue of musical worth and meticulous execution calls for celebration.” —H. Colin Slim, from the foreword to Volume IV

“The music of Billings has a charming freshness, an innocence of urban tensions, that combines in fascinating ways with a high degree of skill and sophistication in the technical handling of combined melodic lines, and with a flair for text setting.” —Nicholas Temperley

Volumes I, II, and III are hard-bound, beautifully printed by Meriden-Stinehour Press; volume IV is hard-bound, reprinted in 2013 in matching style to the other three volumes.

This set is HEAVY, coming in at seventeen pounds for the entire set. Shipping cost will reflect that weight.

Note: These are round note settings.

volume i
The New-England Psalm-Singer (1770)

volume ii
The Singing Master’s Assistant (1778)
Music in Miniature (1779)

volume iii
The Psalm-Singer’s Amusement (1781)
The Suffolk Harmony (1786)
and the occasional publications

volume iv
The Continental Harmony (1794)

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